Despite playing host to dozens of glamorous galas, gorgeous weddings and glorious corporate functions every year, we have never lost sight of the fact that it has been bathing that has attracted people to the beautiful Blue Baths, since it's original opening, in 1931.

The original Juvenile Pool has been restored and two hot soak pools added - contact us to enquire about our Learn to Swim Classes.

Soak in the ambience of these historic geothermally heated pools.

The trellis wall dividing the Pools from the Lido Lounge can be opened, providing a stunning backdrop for the duration of exclusive events.




(5-13 yrs): $6


(14 yrs and over): $11


Adult Group Rate
(10 or more): $9


(two adults and up to three children): $30


Pre-schoolers free, but must be accompanied by a swimming adult (2:1 ratio please)
Child concession cards are available for learn to swim classes.



Bathing in

Liquid Light



The warm waters of The Blue Baths pools are geothermally heated fresh (not mineral) water. The original Juvenile Pool is usually around 30°C whilst our two hot soak pools vary between 37°C and 42°C. The pools open at 10am during summer and midday during winter.


As closing times vary due to seasonal factors or private function use, bathers are encouraged to call ahead to check closing times. As The Blue Baths pools are unsupervised and don’t offer a lifeguard service, we don’t permit children under 14 entry to the pool area without a supervising adult nor are pre-school children permitted to swim without an adult swimmer accompanying them.





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